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When we manage the calendar we can see some numbers in every date box. What they means?

The numbers in parentesys means : number of available rooms(number of inserted rooms - number of reserved rooms), so for example, if you see 9997(9999-2) it means that you did put 9999 available rooms and users reserved 2 so you have 9997 available.

So, if you need one available room in Oct 2 and 3 with a price of 145 USD, and you have just 3 reserved, you must put the following datas:

from: 2015-10-02 to: 2015-10-04 price:145 number of rooms: 4 (because you have now 3 reserved rooms in these dates, so if you put 4 the result will be 4-3=1 available rooms)

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