Online payments option

Get your reservations online and in real time with Upbooking + Stripe.

The promotion mode "Premium / Pay for Reservation" means that you do not pay anything for the publication of your service and that UpBooking will only charge you a commission if you get reservations through our website.

To activate it simply you have to contact us.

The activation of the Online reservation requires registration with the payment system of Stripe, please note that in order for us to pay you the amount of the reservations you will have to provide an account number and documents about your company, it is imperative!

It is essential that you access Stripe to configure as you like details such as invoices by Stripe, additional services and your preferences to collect reservations. It is especially important that you review the Reservation Cancellation Policy to suit your interests and to avoid future misunderstandings. Thanks to this policy (the text must be put in your engine in UpBooking) it will be written what happens in case the traveler or you cancel the reservation, whether for the term of time corresponds or not return, etc.

How does Online Booking work?

Your engine will display the "Online Booking" option.
A traveler can select the dates that interest him, consult the price and request the reservation of those days.
Once the reservation is made, the dates will be marked as occupied in your calendar automatically and the amount will be charged to the traveler.
UpBooking will send you the amount of accumulated reserves when the first day of each month arrives. But if you prefer to modify it you can do so by entering the Stripe panel.

Advantages of Online Booking

It allows you a comfortable, agile and professional management of your reservations.
Security and confidence for you and your travelers.
You open the doors of your accommodation to foreign tourism, more prone to online reservations.
Keep your calendar and rates updated on several portals from a single site.
Improve the conversion ratio of your ad without the travelers to stop contacting you by email or phone.
Without high fee, you pay only for the reserves obtained. Here you can see all the tools of your special plan.

What are the costs of the service?

The service of Payment by Reservation does not have fixed costs, if you do not get reservations with UpBooking, you do not pay commissions.

In case of obtaining reservations, the costs of the service are:

The commission of UpBooking (7% of the total of the reservation) VAT included.
The costs of Stripe: 0.3 € per booking + 2.50% of the advance (in terms of bank charges), VAT not included. The commission depends on the country in which the accommodation is located: see country details on
Contact [email protected] specifying as subject "upbooking + Stripe program" and your user name of Upbooking, we will contact you to help activate the program.

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