Get all the prices of a board basis

	$ubReq = array(
		"user" => $authRequest["user"], 
		"secret" => $authResponse["secret"],
		"ubCall" => "getBoardPrices",
		"ubParams" => array(
			"user" => $authRequest["user"], 
			"collectionID" => $ID_PROPERTY, 
			"boardID" => $ID_BOARD,

	$ubRes = getWSDL($ubReq);

Value Description
ID  ID of the insertion 
ID_COLLECTION  ID of the collection 
ID_ATTRIBUTE  ID of the attribute 
ID_BOARD  ID of the bard 
date_in  price valid from this date 
date_out  price valid till this date 
price  price value (query the collection to get the currency) 
avail_units  available attributes for this board price 

UpBooking API

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